Our Point of View


Service providers, Hosters, MSPs, NSPs, CSPs….You are the new ‘OEMs’ in the information technology marketplace. Years ago, you became the largest market share segment of server sales and have continued to broaden your offers from colo, to XaaS, to the application layer including provisioning end to end, managed solutions. But you know all that. 

Where you may need assistance is in your go-to-market strategy to achieve scale, broaden your market opportunity, position and differentiate and learn to co-exist, compete and complement the public cloud providers. 

The legacy IT channel has undergone tremendous change. Legacy OEMs have squeezed the margins and discounts to levels to where only the volume players can support their business. 

Public cloud providers are launching software consumption marketplaces that threaten the legacy licensing revenue streams. 

Channel companies have had to transform and pivot their businesses to a services and solution provider model but have not invested in sales readiness. 

Some of you have aligned yourselves with these channel companies in the age-old ‘referral’ model. But this results in too many chefs in the kitchen and customers often have a bad experience.

If all this is resonating with you then Channel-Ready! is here to help.  We have had decades of experience in the channel with some of the most prolific channel companies in the world. Over the last 10 years, we have worked specifically with cloud providers, like you, to navigate the path forward to industry leadership. 

Reach out to us for an exploratory discussion to match our competencies to your aspirations